Welcome to The Academy Choral Department. My name is Beth Brooks and I am excited to be a new member of the faculty and staff here at Busbee Creative Arts Academy this year. 
The chorus classes that are offered provide a variety of choral experiences for students. In 6th grade, students are given an introduction to chorus in a 9-weeks class. Near the conclusion of the course, students will perform in an informal concert during the school day in an assembly for their peers.  Family and friends are encouraged to attend as the students will be showcasing what they learned in class.  In 7th and 8th grade, students can participate in a semester of chorus or, if highly interested, they can audition to join an elite group of choral majors for a full year of study in our Performing Arts Company (PAC). Although the semester chorus classes get more performance opportunities than the 6th grade classes, our PAC classes participate in much larger productions that also include dance and drama. 
Nov. 30th @ 6:00 PM
Cayce Christmas Tree Lighting at the Town Hall
Dec. 7th @ 6:30 PM
Elf Jr the Musical performed by 8th grade PAC
Dec. 12th @ 6:30 PM
7th & 8th grade Band and Chorus Winter Concert
Dec. 14th @ 10:30 AM
7th & 8th grade chorus field trip to sing at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport 
Dec. 15th @ 2:00 PM
6th grade performance assembly