Arts Magnet Program

Arts Mission Statement:
Cyril B. Busbee Creative Arts Academy will provide a quality education through arts advocacy,  standards-based arts instruction, and integration of the arts.
We are excited to offer a full array of arts classes. Our students have the opportunity to participate in band, chorus, dance, theatre, strings guitar, and visual arts classes. Our sixth-graders have the opportunity to experience a nine-week class in each area unless they participate in one of the year-long classes -- band or strings. These experiences allow students to know which arts area they want to get more training in during their seventh- and eighth-grade school years.
As students enter seventh and eighth grades, they can audition for our Visual & Performing Arts Company (V-PAC), which is composed of students who choose to major in art, dance, theatre, or singing. These students perform in events like Dessert Cabaret, district showcases, "Willy Wonka Jr.," as well as attend local and state competitions. We also have students who learn how to run and manage the technical side of theatre in lights and sound.
Our content teachers also integrate the arts into their classrooms lessons to increase student engagement and to help them master content. 
Students not zoned for our school must complete a limited school choice application before the deadline of March 19,2021. If you are interested in setting up a visit to come learn more about our school, please contact Ms. Hucks at or call (803) 739-4070.