Performing Arts Company

ALL 6th and 7th graders are allowed to audition for the Performing Arts Company (PAC) at the end of the year. Students can audition in acting, dancing, and singing to become chorus, dance, and drama majors. These students receive year-long instruction in their particular major and perform, as well as compete at the local and state level!
New York Trip 2020

Payment schedule (based on 4 in a room):
$115.00 - Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable Deposit      June 4, 2019 (no fundraising for deposit)  

$100.00 – 2nd payment due by                             July 4, 2019

$100.00 – 3rd payment due by                              August 4, 2019

$100.00 – 4th payment due by                              September 4, 2019

$100.00 – 5nd payment due by                              October 4, 2019

$100.00 – 6th payment due by                               November 4, 2019

$100.00 – 7th payment due by                               January 4, 2020

$100.00 – final payment due by                            February 4, 2020 **

7th Grade PAC performs on November 7th at our Dessert  Cabaret to a sellout crowd! Thank you to Saluda River and Springdale Elementary for performing as well! 
Doo~Wop Wed Widing Hood Rehearsal