Mission, Vision and Academy Essentials

Mission Statement:

The mission of Cyril B. Busbee Creative Arts Academy is to create learning opportunities for students to grow in confidence and have a sense of belonging through diverse programs in academics, arts, technology, and athletics.


Vision Statement:

Through arts integration and shared responsibility in learning, the students of Cyril B. Busbee Creative Arts Academy will become well-rounded citizens who are creatively thinking, technologically advanced, and self-advocating.



Academic Behaviors

Social Behaviors

1. Be responsible.

2. Be strategic and determined.

3. Monitor your learning.

4. Believe in your ability to learn.

1. Take care of your WHOLE self.

2. Be kind to everyone at all times.

3. Communicate appropriately.

4. Maintain a clean and safe environment.


Collective Beliefs:

I. Curriculum

In an exemplary school, the curriculum:

A. Involves common goals and teacher collaboration.

B. Involves teaching strategies that are hands-on, multicultural, real-world, motivating, and interdisciplinary.

C. Establishes consistent content for all subject areas based upon the South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards.

D. Focuses on instruction that integrates art and technology.

E. Involves assessments that are authentic, varied, fair, and aligned to the standards taught, while demonstrating student understanding.

II. Students

In an exemplary school, students:

A. Value their own ideas and ideas of others.

B. Invest in the school community.

C. Accept responsibility for their actions, creativity, and academics.

III. Staff

In an exemplary school, staff members:

A. Exhibit the attributes of positive role models for students.

B. Show respect to each other and their students and are friendly, caring, and professional.

C. Enforce and follow the rules consistently.

D. Participate in professional development opportunities.

E. Follow the rules from the Employee Handbook.

IV. Instructional Leader

In an exemplary school, instructional leaders are:

A. Positive, decisive, and clear communicators.

B. Open to change and work together with the faculty.

C. Encouraging, supportive, and respectful of others and their ideas.

D. Consistent in enforcing academic and behavioral expectations with all faculty and students.

E. Current with all curriculum and best instructional practices.

F. Builders of collaborative environments, where all voices are heard appreciated and recognized.

G. Consistently enforcing high behavioral expectations.

V. School Environment

In an exemplary school, the school environment:

A. Fosters creative expression, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

B. Promotes positive and respectful relationships between all members of the Busbee Creative Arts Academy community.

C. Provides a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment that nurtures students, parents, and teachers.

D. Provides a clean and safe place in which students, parents, and teacher feel physically, mentally, and socially healthy.

E. Provides simple, consistent, and realistic rules that reward good behavior and helps maintain a positive and disciplined working environment.

VI. Home-School Relations

In an exemplary school, home-school relations:

A. Consistent communication with parents and students.

B. Parental involvement through conference attendance of parent/teacher conferences.

C. Provide a welcoming environment and show professional and caring attitudes.

VII. Community Involvement

In an exemplary school, community involvement:

A. Requires effective communication between the school and the community.

B. Provides resources through service learning opportunities, mentors, classroom speakers, and business contributions to curriculum and student activities.

C. Includes recognizing and showing appreciation for our business and community partners.