Policies, Procedures, and other Important Information

Attendance Information

Under the guidance of the federal Office of Civil Rights, the South Carolina Department of Education requires all districts to report students who are “chronically absent.” Chronically absent students are defined as having missed 10% of the total days within a school year. Research shows that students with a history of chronic absenteeism face a serious risk of falling behind in school, thus making it more difficult for them to succeed in the classroom.


As part of these requirements, South Carolina students will now be considered “absent” if they miss 50% of their instructional day for ANY reason, regardless of the classification of the absence as excused or unexcused.  This means Lexington Two students must be present for at least half of the instructional day to be considered “present” for that school day.


School Start Time

School End Time

Time Required in School to be

Counted Present Per Day




3 hours, 35 minutes

Attendance must be taken during each class period at the middle and high school level. If a student reaches the set number of unexcused absences* in any course (Carnegie unit), he/she will not meet the state-mandated attendance requirement for that course and will not receive credit until those absences are made up.


*The attendance requirements for receiving credit or promotion are:


Maximum Absences Allowed

Middle and

High Schools

5 absences (per semester class)

10 absences (per year-long class)

Please note that chronic absenteeism is NOT the same as truancy. According to state law, a child is considered truant if they have 3 consecutive unlawful absences or a total of 5 unlawful absences. Once a student becomes truant, the district is required to develop a written intervention plan with the parent/guardian.


Find additional information in the attachments below.


Also worth noting: For 2021-22, the district has enacted changes for allowable time to submit excuses for medical-related absences. That information is contained in the 2020 links below.


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

he Academy will open the doors at 7:15 AM for students who need

to arrive early. All car riders can be dropped off at the front of the school where  they will enter through the main entrance of the building and pick up a grab and go breakfast.


Students will be sent to homeroom at 7:45 AM. If families are able to drop off closer to 7:50 AM that will help with social distancing as these students will report directly to their homeroom class.


Students will be dismissed at 3:10 PM.  We take great pride in moving our car line quickly in the afternoons and to do this it takes a team effort from students, parents, and our staff.  All students will be assigned a number for their car.  Parents and family members who pick up in the afternoon should display the number in the front windshield of the car. We ask that you follow the directions of the staff members and drive all the way to the front of the car line in order to keep our students safe and the car line moving.


Students will be reminded to watch for their car and to move quickly to the location for pick up. If your child is not ready for pick up, we will ask that you make a loop around the building and re-enter the car pick up line.   All students should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the dismissal bell.


We appreciate your cooperation in following our procedures for a safe and fast afternoon dismissal.

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