School Improvement Council / Title I Committee



2023-2024 School Improvement Council Nominations


The Academy is accepting nominations for parents to serve on the School Improvement Council (SIC). The nomination period begins August 24 and continues through August 29, 2023. We encourage parents to consider this opportunity for service to the school.  You can nominate someone using this form Nomination Form.  Voting will take place at the annual meeting on August 29, 2023.    The Parent and Family Engagement Policy and the School-Family Compact have been uploaded for review and comments to be accepted through September 26, 2023.


Our School Improvement Council (SIC) also serves as our Title I Committee. This group is made up of elected parents and teachers, as well as appointed community members and additional faculty and staff. We typically meet one Tuesday each month at 5:00 pm in the media center. Everyone is welcome to join us.  Our Annual Title I meeting will be Tuesday, August 29 at 5:30 pm.


Our 2023-2024 officers are as follows: Mr. Chris Maddox, Chair;  Dr. Tamara Jones, Vice-Chair; and Rebecca Burriss, Secretary; Ms. Liz Martin, Teacher Representative; Ms. Carrie Rhett, Parent Representative; Stephanie Hucks, Community Representative


Title I Information:

Busbee Creative Arts Academy became a Title I School in 2011. The purpose of a Title I program is to ensure that all students demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on state academic achievement standards. Busbee’s Title I Committee includes teachers, parents, and community members. The committee develops a plan each year with reform strategies to help our students attain high levels of achievement.


The Title I Committee also develops a School-Family Compact and a Parent and Family Engagement Policy outlining duties that all of us should follow. If you would like to comment or give input on the Parent Engagement Policy or School-Family Compact please email Mr. Masone at [email protected] If you would like to see the Title I plan or need to see it in another language, please visit the main office and we will assist you.  


Click here to view the Lexington Two Title I district information.

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