Registration for school choice now open

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. --   Registration opens Thursday, January 25 for Lexington Two students interested in applying to attend a school outside their regular attendance zone.


Students already on limited school choice who will be returning to the same school for the 2018-19 academic year do not have to fill out a new application. Those changing schools will need to complete a new application. Applicants must have a record of good behavior and good attendance.


Applications for grades K5-12 are available on the district website at or at the District Education Center, 715 Ninth St., West Columbia. Any required supporting documentation should be submitted with the application. Separate applications are required for each child in the household making a choice request.


Applications must be received by the district no later than March 26, 2018.


Among reasons for a request for Limited School Choice:

-- Medical needs (signed physician statement required)

-- Child-care provisions (signed child-care provider statement required)

-- Parent work location (signed employer statement required)

-- Day-care location (signed day-care provider statement required)

-- Continuation of school choice (moving from elementary to middle, or middle to high)

-- Sibling placement with district--assigned program

-- Specific instructional programs (acceptance/placement notification from school/district required)

   NOTE:  Reasons not listed here may be attached to the application, in the form of a detailed letter, along with any supporting paperwork.


Parents or legal guardians of applicants must live in Lexington Two and must provide transportation for students to their choice schools.


Parents will be notified of the acceptance, denial or wait list in writing by May 30, 2018.