Launch into Summer and Discover Program!

The Launch into Summer and Discover Program  is designed to be an extension of the school year and help support students in strengthening skills to be successful in the next grade level.  The program encourages students to explore their interests while providing reading, writing, mathematical, and STEAM engaging activities through the use of choice boards. 

All students are encouraged to participate in the Launch into Summer and Discover Program!  The program will run June 5 - July 28th.  The program is FREE and supplies for some activities will be provided. The program is self-paced and students will submit their activities through Google Classroom at their own home.

Students DO NOT attend school!

All students who successfully complete the program will be invited to the Discovery Launch Celebration in August!

To enroll in the Launch into Summer and Discover Program, complete the following Google form or print and return the attaced forms and return them to Mrs. Hucks by May 24, 2023.