Busbee makes achievement gains on state report cards

Busbee Creative Arts Academy showed gains in several key achievement indicators in the recent release of the state’s 2019 report cards.  Schools are rated annually in a number of areas, with a top rating of Excellent, followed by Good, Average, Below Average and Unsatisfactory.

Among the gains:

  • Busbee increased its Overall score to 54 out of a possible 100, to maintain a Good rating. The score is an increase of 6 points over 2018’s report card.
  • Busbee scored an Excellent rating on Student Progress, with a score of 28.88 out of 35. It’s an increase of nearly 3 points, and an increase from a Good rating, on the 2018 report cards.
  • Busbee increased its Academic Achievement rating to 12.65 out of a possible 35 points, meeting state expectations with a rating of Average. The score is up from 12.27 on the 2018 report cards to maintain its Average rating.
  • Busbee increased its Student Engagement score to a 5 out of 10, for an Average rating. The score is up 2 points from the 2018 report card, and up from a rating that year of Below Average.

“For Busbee, the two improvements we are most proud of came from the Student Progress section and the Student Engagement section,” said Principal Stephanie Hucks.  “With Student Progress, we moved from Good to Excellent. This was very exciting for us, since it is showing that we are making progress growing students academically.  We also had some growth in the Student Engagement section, where we moved from Below Average to Average.”

Hucks added, “Our teachers work very hard to build trust and rapport with students and to have lessons that are engaging for all.  We work hard to make sure our students are provided with a safe environment where students can focus on their academics. Our staff is proud of the growth we have made but we know there is still work to be done.”