School Counseling


Thank you for visiting our page! We are excited about the 2018-19 school year. This web page will afford you the opportunity to help you help your child and/or student to make the most of their middle school years. We encourage you to explore this website and ask questions as needed.

The mission of the The Academy's School Counseling department is designed to benefit all students. In partnership with the school community, we strive to provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that promotes personal/social, career and academic success to prepare each student for high school. 
The School Counselor strive to oversee the implementation of the South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental and Counseling Program Model. We believe that this is an essential aspect of education for every student. These supportive programs facilitate student development in educational, career and personal/social domains. Our programs will promote opportunities for lifelong learning and support students in becoming responsible and productive citizens.
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