Welcome to The Busbee Career Corner

Greetings! My name is Charlie "CJ" Butler
and I am the Career Specialist here at
Busbee Creative Arts Academy.  This is my first year as a Busbee Bulldog.

Why do I need to explore careers?  



I'm only in middle school!!!



The SC Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) of 2005 was designed to give South Carolina students the educational tools they need to build prosperous, successful futures. 

The implementation of this law created a new vision for how students would plan for their futures.  The concept of planning ahead is at the core of the EEDA legislation.  The goal is to connect academic studies with the world of work.  Career goals of middle school students tend to be more realistic than those of elementary students and begin to reflect values and skills as well as interests.  The expected outcome is for students to transition smoothly from middle school to high school and then to post secondary education and/or the workplace.  


Planning for  high school and  beyond…..



Career Specialists will guide students in the classroom by exploring careers and identifying clusters of study that will be relevant to their ambitions.  Through communicating in the classroom, students will be exposed to career information and opportunities. This will make exploring careers more relevant and better prepare them for future careers.



Career Specialists will use a variety of tools and assessments to help your child identify their interests, skills, personality traits, and values.  By taking career assessments in middle school, students are more likely to begin discovering the careers which would best suit their strengths, personalities and work preferences.




Career Specialists will help your child research careers and career paths through online searches and the South Carolina Occupational Information System (SCOIS). Students and parents can use these sites for career exploration:








Career Specialists will provide the students opportunities to explore different occupations through classroom lessons, job shadowing, field studies, and guest speakers.   Students can look at Career One Stop online (https://www.careeronestop.org/ExploreCareers/explore-careers.aspx) to view occupation profiles, wages, employment trends, and skills needed.





Career Specialists will educate students on a number of different topics, including careers and their future outlooks, why assessments are important and how each student's assessment results can help them moving forward, college and other post-secondary training opportunities, financial literacy and much more. 




In SC,  all 8th grade students, with help from parents /guardians, counselors and career specialists, create an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) identifying his or her chosen career cluster and outlining the courses necessary to successfully prepare for graduation and transition into a profession or post secondary education. Students update their IGPs annually, providing flexibility to change selected clusters should interest change.