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Hello Parents!

   While the summer weather persists, school opens and another year of learning begins.  The first day of school is a like a family reunion. Teachers, parents, and students get to connect and reconnect.  As teachers, it is always a pleasure to see the changes in the students and feel the energy they bring. I am very excited about the upcoming year.  Instruction is designed to help improve our students’ overall achievement. The Busbee family is dedicated to giving your child the best educational opportunities for growth and meeting his or her potential.

   In academic support class, your child was given a syllabus, student information sheets, and procedures for the classroom.  Please take a few moments with your child to review the syllabus and classroom procedures. Staying informed and understanding behavior expectations is the first step toward developing a healthy relationship with teachers and peers, and builds a foundation for success.  After you have reviewed the syllabus and procedure sheet, please have your child return it to their binder.

   Secondly, please take a few moments to fill out the student information sheet on your child.  Please provide me with as much information as possible on how to contact you and what I can do as a teacher to help your child in the classroom.  Your input is valuable to me and I appreciate direction. You may contact teachers via phone or email.

   All parents or guardians have been issued a username and password for Parent Portal.   Parent Portal is an online program that gives parents, guardians, and students the opportunity to view grades throughout each nine weeks.  To gain access to the Parent Portal link, log into the Lexington Two website (  

   If you have any questions, please feel free to write them below or contact me.  I am looking forward to a great year of hard work!


Academic Support Syllabus

Instructor:  Deborah H. Linton

School:  Cyril B. Busbee Creative Arts Academy

Contact Number:   (803) 739-4070    Email:

Contact Hours:  10:25 - 10:55

Course Description:

The resource classroom provides small group and individualized instruction to students with Individual Education Plans (IEPS).  The curriculum is based upon students’ learning needs identified in their IEPs and current course of study in the regular education classrooms.  Targeted academic support is provided in the content areas of reading, writing, mathematics, organization/study strategies, career planning, and behavior management.  The resource teacher works collectively with parents, core subject teachers, administrators, and students to provide remedial instruction, accommodations, modifications, and to monitor student performance.

Course Objectives:

  1. To assist the student in gaining the academic and study skills necessary to improve academic performance.
  2. To assist the student in becoming a better independent learner using effective tools, strategies, and technology.
  3.  To assist  the student with self advocacy, problem solving, and communication skills that promote positive social outcomes.

Course Materials:

  1.  1- 3 Ring Binder (2 inch)                              4.  1 Package of Tab Dividers
  2.  1- Spiral Notebook/ 3 subject                       5.  6 Pocket Folders
  3.  Pencil Pouch/Pencils/Pens/Paper                  

Student Responsibilities:

  1.  Be Prompt - Arrive to class on time.
  2.  Be Prepared - Arrive to class with all materials.
  3.  Be Productive - Complete assignments and participate in activities.
  4.  Be Patient - Ask for help.  Get help from a study partner.  Listen and wait.
  5.  Be Polite - Cooperate by following directions.  Use good manners.
  6. Be Professional - Dress modestly and wear student identification. Speak using         appropriate language and a respectful tone.

Expectations For Parents or Guardians:

  1. To purchase all classroom materials by the first week of school.
  2. To provide updated student and parent contact information.
  3. To respond to IEP invitations and attend your child’s IEP meetings.
  4. To stay informed of your child’s academic progress by logging into Parent Portal daily and/or weekly to view grades and attendance status/emailing teacher.
  5. To check your child’s binder and/or ipad nightly for homework and other materials sent home pertaining to school activities (school pictures, open houses, sporting and fine arts events).  In addition, to ensure your child’s ipad is fully charged for the next school day’s assignments. (This is a task students can do but a reminder doesn't hurt!)
  6. To contact your child’s teacher to address any concerns as quickly as possible.


A student’s progress towards his or her IEP goals is measured frequently.  Progress monitoring ensures that the instructional interventions are effective and that the student is learning at an appropriate rate.  Assessments are ongoing throughout the entire school year. Grades are based on independent work.  Student writing is based on a district writing rubric which addresses analysis, development, organization and language use.  Letter grades are based on the following scale:

A =  100 - 90       B = 89 - 80      C = 79 - 70 D =  69 - 60 F = 59 - 50   



How can I keep up with my child’s grades?

Parent Portal is an online program that gives parents, guardians, and students the opportunity to view grades throughout each nine weeks.  Prior to the start of school, parents and students should have received a username and password. To gain access to the Parent/Student Portal link, log into the Lexington Two website (  Click under parent links and then the Parent/Student Portal link.  If you do not have a username or password, notify the school office for assistance.  

“Work Together, LEARN Together”