Mrs. James' Academic Support Room

All students will be progressed monitored throughout the school year on his/her IEP goals. Their grades will be based on weekly skills we have worked on and work completion. 
Grading Scale
A = 100-90  B= 89-80  C= 79-70  D= 69-60  F= 59-50
Busbee's Re-Take Policy
  1. Students have the opportunity to re-take any assignment of their choice up to three (3) per quarter.
  1. Students must complete the retake form and have a parent sign and return the form three (3) DAYS after receiving the grade. 
  1. The original assignment must be turned in with the form (if the test/assignment is digital, the test/assignment will need to be printed. 
  1. At the teacher’s discretion, additional work and/or remediation should be noted on the Retake form.
  1. The Retake must be completed within one week of turning in the form.
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Michelle James
Special Services Teacher
Expectations for Parents/Guardians:
* Gather all needed school supplies
* Fill out and return all paperwork
* Check your parent portal weekly
* Keep contact information updated
* Participate in IEP meetings
* Email me with concerns


Materials Needed for success:
* Mechanical pencils, regular pencils
* 2 composition notebooks
* 1 pack highlighter with different colors
* 1 pack of colored pencils
* 1 pack of tab dividers
* 4 pocket folders
* Earbuds with a mic
Google Classroom Codes
6th grade: u44rgb2
7th grade:kiyzw6c
8th grade:qfjgugt