Computer Technology

Welcome to my class page! 
I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. I went through Palmetto Alternative Certification Education (PACE) to earn my teaching degree for Business Education.
I have worked at Busbee since 2001 and have enjoyed working with many students and teachers through the years. Most satisfying is working with former students that are now part of Busbee's faculty.
I teach 3 different courses. Google Basics is taught to 8th grade, and students that pass this semester class will earn a 1/2 credit toward high school Computer Science. This 1/2 credit along with the 1/2 credit earned in 7th grade Keyboarding will satisfy the one credit needed for high school graduation.
Students in 7th grade take Keyboarding for a semester and learn about Computer Safety; Document Formatting; and increasing speed and accuracy using proper keyboarding techniques. A 1/2 credit can be earned towards the Computer Science credit needed in high school.
Students in 6th grade learn the proper keyboarding technique to achieve Keyboard Mastery. This is a 9 week course.