iPad FAQ & Tips

  • Students are allowed to add a screen protector to their iPad.
    • The media specialist will not be able to assist in installation.
  • Students are not allowed to change their iPad case, put stickers on their case or draw on their case.
    • Students are allowed to transport their iPad in a sleeve as long as the iPad can fit in the sleeve with the case on. 
  • Students must bring their iPad to school everyday and have it charged to at least 80% during homeroom.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to charge their iPad every night at home and not bring their charger to school. 
    • Insurance does not cover lost or stolen chargers.
    • A replacement charger costs $24.
  • Students are allowed to put a password on their iPad. Students will be unable to use Touch ID to lock their iPads.
  • Students should come to the media center if they forget the password to their iPad. The iPad will be disabled after around 10 invalid login attempts. 
    • Once an iPad has been disabled because of too many password attempts, it will have to be physically wiped. This erases all of the content on the iPad.
  • iPads issued by The Academy are property of Lexington School District 2 and are monitored.
    • Students will download apps through the Self Service app and do not have access to the Apple App store.
  • Students MUST NOT get their iPad repaired on their own. This is completely unauthorized and will void the warrantee.  
    • You will owe the full cost of the iPad if you get repairs on your own.
  • Students should not record/take pictures of teachers and/or other students without their permission. 
  • Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. iPads are to be used for educational purposes. 

Accessing WiFi Off Campus

WiFi Access on iPad:

  • Connect your iPad to the WiFi source
  • Look for the iBoss icon on your iPad screen
  • Touch the icon
  • For the Mobile Login, type your computer username and password
  • (Capital letters matter, and there are NO SPACES before, in the middle of, or after the username and password!)

Saving Space

Many of the apps in the Self Service app require a lot of "space" to install and work properly. These are some helpful hints that will allow your apps to function better:


  • Install Google Photos and save pictures and videos there.
  • If deleting pictures and videos from the iPad to make room, when deleting them, they are actually "backed up/saved" in case you want to undelete them. To permanently delete these items, click on "albums," and you will see "recently deleted". Click on "recently deleted," "select all," and delete again to actually remove them from the iPad to free up space needed.
  • Delete music, videos, and pictures that are not school related.
*Special thanks to Ms. Strickland at Northside Middle School for the information on iPad care, protection, and use.
iPad Replacement Costs:
Accidental damage to the iPad and accessories will be covered for students who opted to participate in the optional tablet protection plan. Students enrolled in the protection plan will be responsible for the deductible.
The protection plan does not cover lost or stolen items, intentional misuse or abuse.
The cost for the replacement of lost items is:
iPad Case: $40
iPad Charger: $24