About Miss Jones

My name is Madison Jones, and I grew up in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, and this is my first year teaching at the Academy! I have a large family that I am very close with, so I make the 2-hour drive to my hometown frequently on the weekends. I have always loved to read and write nearly any genre, I enjoy playing soccer occasionally, and I have recently found a love for paddle-boarding! I live off of coffee (usually Starbucks bottled frappes) and try not to rely too much on fast food. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and I love all things Disney - movies, soundtracks, quotes, characters, Disney World, all of it! I don't live in the same community as many of our students, but I would love to be involved in their activities outside of the classroom, so please reach out and let me know when you (or your child) have a game, competition, recital, etc. coming up so I can do my best to attend!
I chose to go into education because I love being involved in young peoples' learning and development. I love to see a student of any age use critical thinking skills and academic strategies to find a solution and be proud of their work. I want to help my students find a love for learning that they will carry with them for a lifetime! Because I got my degree in Elementary Education, my student teaching was in a 2nd and a 4th grade class. When I saw the incredible differences between those two grade levels - the interest in reading, the rich conversations students were having about their academic content, the communication skills to help each other understand content or a situation, their interests in activities outside of the classroom, and their compassion for classmates going through difficult times - I was amazed. I wanted to see how these behaviors changed over another 2 years, so I started applying to middle schools. I was thrilled to accept a position at BCAA as a 6th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. 6th grade is the highest grade level that my degree covers, and I'm confident that I'm going to love many of the changes that come with the jump to middle school!
Miss Jones' Homeroom class (ELA): ga4xosd
Ms. Dandridge's Homeroom (Social Studies): chc7rv7
Mrs. Weaver's Homeroom (ELA): ji4p2qk
Mr. Young's Homeroom (Social Studies): 6zoydxm