Welcome to Dance!
My name is Hannah Price and I am the dance teacher here at The Academy. I am excited to be teaching at BCAA for a second year. This year, I hope to introduce new students to dance and help previous students build upon previously learned skills. 
Many sixth graders will be introduced to dance for their first time this year. They will participate in a variety of dance and movement activities to learn about the dance elements and beginning dance technique and choreography. 
Seventh and eighth graders will focus on diving deeper into the dance elements and dance styles, while also learning how they work together. These students will work on dance projects to deeper their understanding of the content. 
V-PAC students will take all of this a step further by refining the details of their technique and performing in multiple productions throughout the school year. 
I am excited to be teaching at The Academy again and am looking forward to a wonderful school year with your student!